There's an Awesome AI Ethics List and it's a little thin

by AABoyles 1 min read25th Jun 20201 comment


I recently stumbled upon the Awesome Artificial Intelligence Ethics list, and was somewhat underwhelmed with its quality. While it has enough links to look like a good and useful Awesome List, I think I'd come away from it mostly confused and unsure where to go next. Some obvious oversights include:

  • The books section is quite short, given the amount of material that's been published in this space since SuperIntelligence.
  • LessWrong is in the Blogs section, but the Effective Altruism and AI Alignment Fora are not.
  • There are a ton of great introductory-to-in-the-weeds podcasts on AI Ethics topics, but there's no podcasts section (or other section in which podcasts would clearly be appropriate).
  • There are number of technical research agenda that would be Awesome to list on the off chance anyone happens upon this list and wants to work their way up to the actual state of research.

I'm going to make some pull requests, but I can only suggest what I know about. Perhaps you can help?