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Let the AI teach you how to flirt

Causation != correlation seems to me to be a huge hurdle in extracting any practical advice from the research.

Updates Thread

It’s pretty simple, I think; The cost of the problems of Google Doc fall on you, with a small cost on Google itself, and negligible cost on the decision makers in Google responsible.

PS: Couldn’t you just copy the code you wrote in an editor to the Doc? If not, this might be hidden upside: They can watch as people code on Google Doc (as far as I remember), but doing this with an editor is somewhat harder. (VSCode’s liveshare or using a TUI editor in a shared tmux session seem better solutions to me, but Google optimizes for the lowest common denominator.)

Thiel on Progress and Stagnation

using it to identify non-productive employees can be very anti-social and discriminatory

I believe the opposite is true; Not rewarding the productive ones and punishing the unproductive workers is clearly discriminating against the good people. Sure, giving everyone a UBI that doesn't break the economy is a very humane thing to do, but forcefully making productive workers subsidize bad ones, without giving them social/economic credit, is plain evil.

Why hasn't there been research on the effectiveness of zinc for Covid-19?

But wouldn't governments have a big incentive to do this? Even for private companies, it can bring them a lot of goodwill for presumably not that much money ...

Longevity interventions when young
  • What do you mean by the advice "test your drugs"?
  • Which blood biomarkers do you measure for assessing the effectiveness of the supplements?
  • What's your intuition on the expected life added by researching this stuff personally and in-depth?
Using books to prime behavior

My own suspicion in these cases is that these techniques don't work and are unsustainable hacks that temporarily shift the equilibrium of my thought. Or perhaps they do work but the mind adapts to them (like drugs) and so they'll lose their usefulness. After all, I don't forget useful things that I commonly use. even when they become implicit knowledge, I can still feel that the implicit skill is there and see its results.

"Should Blackmail Be Legal" Hanson/Zvi Debate (Sun July 26th, 3pm PDT)

I recently got an email from JuliaCon, they had attached an ics file that contained all the events and I could just open it and my calendar would automatically import them and send me notifications. That's a good practice for event organizers.

Is this viable physics?

It might lead to new insights by showing that some properties are shared by all Turing-simulateable universes.

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When the Coronavirus started in the winter, I spend quite a bit of time reading related info, mostly from the LW diaspora but some from elsewhere. After some time passed, I noticed that this seems to be low value and procrastinatory, so I have not read much more about the topic. Recently, my sibling (who has had contact with a known Coronavirus infected person) has been showing some cold symptoms, and I am wondering if there are any summary posts of the practical stuff?

I took a look at the practical advice thread, but I had already read the top posts before, and the thread is also quite old and scattered. Recent Coronavirus posts seem to be only from Zvi, who focuses more on epidemiological statistics, and not practical advice, as far as I have read. Hasn’t there been new actionable info in the recent months?

Rudi C's Shortform

These caterpillars go dormant when frozen in the arctic, and come alive again.

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