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I spent the past week fleshing out the new Sunshine Sidebar, a dashboard for moderators to see:

  • All new posts
  • New comments from users with 10 or less karma
  • Reported comments
  • Frontpage posts that have been suggested for curation

Hoping this keeps us much more on top of spam, budding flame wars, etc, as well as enabling us to keep a more reliable Curation schedule.

Suggest Curation

[Edit: apologies! The following feature doesn't work yet for general users, due to technical difficulties]

Users with 2000 or more karma now have access to a "suggest curation" button for frontpage posts. This will cause the post to show up in our "Suggestions for Curated" feed, with a list of the usernames of people who suggested it.

We'll still be determining what get's curated by the mod team's discretion, with a vague goal of "every couple days, selecting a post that have multiple people endorsing it for curation."

Open Source Contributors

Big thanks to crybx for their first merged pull-request (removing some extraneous code in the user profiles that occasionally caused bugs), with a few more PRs on the way. In addition, I appreciated them wading through the windows install process and documenting their progress for the benefit of others.

Also thanks to Elo, gjm and philh for also making an initial foray into the "get the git repo installed on an OS that we hadn't tested it on yet" world.

Git History – Commit 5551c1adc4b590b239aece6efadf0285f2f6c212

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I am sad that the karma needed to suggest curation is exactly the same as to moderate. I want more goalposts, not fewer

I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it, and for now was just getting something-that-worked without having to set up a new threshold.

We're also planning to import karma from old LW, and will be rebalancing karma-based permissions afterwards.

Glad for the rebalance. Would prefer suggest curating at 1000 or equivalent post balance

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This is what I get in the console when I click “Suggest Curation” (there is no other apparent effect from clicking the button).

(Mac, 10.9, Chrome 66.stuff)

Ah, turns this will be a moderate chunk of time to fix (or at least, requires some delicate work to get right, or requires a very different approach than the one I'd been using). I'd accidentally only tested this using users that were also moderators, who had higher level permissions, and it's a finicky process to give users _some_ ability to modify a post but not full access to it.

Alas – for the immediate future I'll be changing this feature to be mods only, and will hopefully get a broader version working sometime in the next week or so. (Since my plan for next week was to work on the karma overhaul, I'm now leaning towards just waiting till after that)


Huh. Alas. Looking into a fix.

Good title!

I'd love to see screenshots of the mod tools and/or volunteer for being a mod again.