My idea here is to have a post where we can discuss thoughts on how well particular posts fit LW without cluttering the post's own comments. StackExchange sites do something similar where reviewers will sometimes post in meta to discuss posts they were unsure if they should perform moderation on, although the focus here is really meant to be on fit (but maybe we'll want to expand the notion later).

Format for comment threads here is:

  1. Top level comment is link to post.

  2. Comments are thoughts on if the post fits LW or not.

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Hi, I just wrote a post and was planning on publishing it here. I wanted to check a couple of things first though, as I haven't posted on old or new LW before:

  1. Should I post this to the front page or just to my page?

  2. What's the preferred way of reposting something from elsewhere? Just the link, link with some explanation, or reposting the whole lot here? (I'm happy to do any of these.)

Sorry if I've missed some other post that explains these things.

The preferred way is to crosspost the whole content, which I will try to make a bit easier in the future (i.e. by allowing you to automatically import the content of a link, when that's easily doable)

Thanks for replying! I think I was expecting a link post to behave somewhat differently, i.e. take you to a summary page with comments rather than straight off the site. I will crosspost manually in future if I have anything that I feel would be a good fit (also I think the process of manually crossposting might have been enough for me to realise that this specific link was not a great fit).

I've posted on the frontpage as a linkpost (included explanation but appears not to show currently), let me know if I should do something different in future.

I think that seems like the right way to do it: link post to the frontpage. If you don't mark for something to go on the frontpage it will basically be undiscoverable unless you give someone the link or they go looking really hard for the post.

I agree with gworley. Less Wrong has something of a unique flavour. There are undoubtedly a large number of websites for people interested in research tricks. I'd be fine with a single post asking people to all submit their research tricks, but I don't believe that this belongs on main.

To me this seems too generic to be a LW post. It's lacking something of the flavor "this is what I expected to see on LW" or "this is writing within the rationalist/EA/LW context" and has something of "I could read this on anyone's blog anywhere".

It's certainly different than things-usually-found on LW, but it felt within the class of things that seem appropriate.

I don't personally follow blogs where this sort of post would exist. I also don't personally benefit from the post. But I have a sense that LW should be the sort of place where more formal research/academia stuff has a home.

(It's also the sort of shorter post that I think would make more sense when we've figured out a better system of short-form content)