Coercion is far

by saliency 1 min read16th May 201113 comments


I was in the subway about a month ago when saw an advert for a new show The Bourgeoisie.  While waiting for my train I thought about the families patriarch and the control he probably exerted over family members.  I imagined the cliché of the daughter forced into a marriage for political advantage.  I thought about the sacrifice for the greater good of the family that she would be coerced into making and thought how it is easier to force others to sacrifice then to sacrifice yourself.  I thought that coercion may be one of the mechanisms that have enabled humans to engage and execute long term plans.  If the immediate short-term costs are what most often repress long-term action then those not saddled with the short-term costs of their long-term actions will be prone to engage in more long-term action.  Coercion is far.