What are some related communities online?

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I think that it might be useful to create a list of related communities online that people might want to check out. Suggestions much appreciated.

Directly Related to rationalism

Skeptics Stack Exchange - useful for confirming factual claims you are skeptical of. Requires specific, answerable questions

Straight dope - similar to Skeptics, but less strict on the questions accepted

Change my view - place to get your view challenged

Cognitive Science - you are expected to do your reading first, but useful if your want to lean about what the research says

Philosophy Reddit

Rational Wiki: I only just learned about the existence of this site, so I don't know how good it is yet


Stacks: StackOverflow, Computer Science StackExchange, Theoretical computer science, MathOverflow, Math StackExchange, Cross Validated, Physics Stackexchange

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The effective altruism community (Facebook, blog, reddit, summit)

These are mostly communities of one, but some people might be unaware that Less Wrong has a list of blogs

Are there any lists of other-language communities (blogs, forums, whatever)? For some reasons, this is exceptionally difficult to find. (Of course most of the information would be in English only, but anyway...).

I am aware of Sequences translations, but that's all.

This seems like it'd be good to put on the wiki so others can keep it updated and add to it, would you object to me creating a page with this as the seed content?

I've created List of communities and linked to it from list of blogs. I've included all the ones listed in the original post plus the EA links pablo posted, though I'm fairly skeptical of rationalwiki based on my own limited browsing there and posts like these two.

Suggestions for sites to add or remove are welcome (either made here or edited directly), as are brief descriptions of sites already on the wiki.