What are some related communities online?

by casebash 6y24th Feb 20147 comments


I think that it might be useful to create a list of related communities online that people might want to check out. Suggestions much appreciated.

Directly Related to rationalism

Skeptics Stack Exchange - useful for confirming factual claims you are skeptical of. Requires specific, answerable questions

Straight dope - similar to Skeptics, but less strict on the questions accepted

Change my view - place to get your view challenged

Cognitive Science - you are expected to do your reading first, but useful if your want to lean about what the research says

Philosophy Reddit

Rational Wiki: I only just learned about the existence of this site, so I don't know how good it is yet


Stacks: StackOverflow, Computer Science StackExchange, Theoretical computer science, MathOverflow, Math StackExchange, Cross Validated, Physics Stackexchange

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