Chess Analyst "solves" King's Gambit

by [anonymous] 1 min read3rd Apr 201211 comments


Edit: it was unfortunately a prank. I definitely checked the date of the article (which is dated Apr. 2), before posting on it. Kind of mean to make an April Fool's prank after April Fool's. I didn't realize I'd have a chance to practice what I preach so soon.

I guess I need to just say oops.


Original Post:

Chess analyst Vasik Rajlich had some big news today: solving the King’s Gambit.

I know that this doesn’t add much new to the complexity theory aspects of games like chess, but I would say it’s a beautiful result, very much like the recent improvement on the complexity of matrix multiplication, and it certainly emphasizes the role computation plays as the King’s Gambit is a pretty popular, classical opening. By most any human standard it’s a respectable opening, and yet we can conclusively say it is unequivocally bad for White assuming two rational players.

I wrote up a short blurb about it at my blog.