Meetup : NY Solstice 2016 - The Story of Smallpox

Discussion article for the meetup : NY Solstice 2016 - The Story of Smallpox

WHEN: 17 December 2016 06:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Ethical Culture Society - 2 West 64th Street, New York NY

Every winter, people across the US East Coast (and beyond!) travel to New York City, to celebrate humanity's triumph against the darkness. Come to sing songs, to connect with people from the rationality and secular communities, and (this particular year), to hear the complete story of smallpox, from its earliest appearances to its eventual eradication, and more. (Note: To pay for the venue, tickets are available at

Discussion article for the meetup : NY Solstice 2016 - The Story of Smallpox

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There is also a facebook version of the event here you can RSVP to get updates from:

I gather from SSC there's also an associated megameetup that day / next day. You might want to note this here, not sure how anyone would find it out in general (I only did by asking).

This is still very easily missed, seeing as you've only put it in a reply to my comment and not in the main body of the post. Indeed, someone might just not click at all because they have no idea that the Solstice might be associated with a megameetup (it hasn't always been) and they're not interested in the Solstice (I don't intend to go to the Solstice). IMO it would be best for it to be a separately-listed meetup so that people who aren't intersted in the Solstice will still see "NY megameetup" in their sidebar.

Fair. Created a separate meetup. (Note that the location is still to be determined, but we have a backup location if we're unable to find a better one, which we'll announce a few days before if need be)