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WHEN: 19 April 2013 06:30:00PM (+1000)

WHERE: Carlton, Melbourne

Melbourne's next regular social meetup will be held on Friday 15th March at our usual venue (Ben's house) in Carlton. All are welcome from 6:30pm.

Our social meetups are informal events held on the third Friday of each month, where we lounge about playing boardgames and chatting, with occasional group parlour games such as Mafia/Werewolf, Resistance, or Zendo if people are interested. If you haven't been to a Melbourne meetup before/recently, the social meetup can be an unintimidating way to meet us as it's very informal and relaxed.

Some snacks will be provided and we'll probably arrange some form of delivered food for dinner. BYO drinks and games.

For the address or any other questions, please see the Melbourne Less Wrong google group, or feel free to SMS me (Richard) on 0421 231 789.

Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne Social Meetup

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I will attend. Is it OK if I bring my boyfriend (User:MixedNuts) along via my iPad?

Thank you to the host, the venue provider, and everyone who attended for once again making this a fun and challenging evening, Less Wrong events are by far the most valuable thing I attend each fortnight; I appreciate each and every one of you for being awesome and inspiring people. Since we didn't play any games this time (which was fine), I propose to host an event this coming Thursday on the public holiday, in Eltham. I'll post the details in the google group.

I'll be there, but maybe a bit late. YANK WARNING (I'm from the US).

Any suggestions for interesting things to do in Melbourne over the weekend?

I shall attend. I am still hopeful for Dungeons and Discourse, and to discuss travelling.

Bonus incentive: I give a free upvote to every comment that includes an expectation of attendance!