10/19/2017: Development Update (new vote backend, revamped user pages and advanced editor)

by habryka 1 min read19th Oct 20175 comments


Here are the latest changes I just pushed:

If you visit a post on a user page, the header now changes to reflect that you are no longer on the frontpage. This will hopefully make the visual distinction between the frontpage and personal blog pages clearer, and generally improve navigation on the page.

+ Users will eventually be able to set their own personal color that will show up in their header and on a few navigation elements on their profile
+ Their will be unique colors for R:A-Z, The Codex and HPMOR that will serve a similar function
+ Meta will also get its own color

Voting backend-revamp

The vote backend has been revamped. So far this shouldn't have any effect on your user experience (besides slightly faster load times), but will soon allow us to implement gradual upvoting and downvoting where users can decide to upvote or downvote something n-times, where n is their current vote-weight. This also means there was about a 20-minute period before this push in which your votes might have been reset, I apologize if that happened to anyone.

Editor streamlining and advanced editor!

We removed the far too numerous and mostly useless selection of headers in the Toolbar and replaced it with two heading sizes, which should be enough for the vast majority of use-cases (and is also what's most common on other content sites like Medium).

You can now access our advanced editor on post pages! This allows you to insert images and a variety of other things into your posts. I am not a huge fan of the UI, but it's a very powerful editor that allows you to create basically whatever formatting you want, so it's somewhat hard to make the UI super simple as well. You can access the editor by pressing the palette icon on the right side of the editor Toolbar. (That button also exists for comment editors, but currently doesn't do anything. We will remove it soon from there)

We also fixed a bunch of smaller bugs in a variety of places. Let me know what you think, and whether you discover any new bugs. Also expect some more performance improvements to finally be pushed soon.