Today's post, Amazing Breakthrough Day: April 1st was originally published on 25 March 2008. A summary (taken from the LW wiki):


A proposal for a new holiday, in which journalists report on great scientific discoveries of the past as if they had just happened, and were still shocking.

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I like this.

SECRETS OF THE PHRAOS! Mysterious Relation Between Pyramids Height and Base Discovered
PURIFY YOURSELF DAILY: Tiny Evil Demons Cause Diseases Everywhere - Priests Call For Water Rituals
UNIVERSAL LOVE? Everybody Is Attracted To Everybody Else Says Cambridge Don
THE ABACUS: Mesopotamians Present Computing Device - Performance Up To 200 Milliflops
HUFFLEPUFFS INSIDE: Autopsies Show Human Bodies Contain Hard Sharpenable Objects

So... did this idea gain any traction in the last 4 years?

Not sure. I plan on convincing some friends to do something like this on Facebook for April Fools, though.