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Musings on Metaethical Uncertainty

How should we deal with metaethical uncertainty? By "metaethics" I mean the metaphysics and epistemology of ethics (and not, as is sometimes meant in this community, highly abstract/general first-order ethical issues).

One answer is this: insofar as some metaethical issue is relevant for first-order ethical issues, deal with it as you would any other normative uncertainty. And insofar as it is not relevant for first-order ethical issues, ignore it (discounting, of course, intrinsic curiosity and any value knowled... (read more)

Ikaxas' Shortform Feed

by Ikaxas 1 min read8th Jan 20189 comments


As Raemon has suggested a format for a short-form content feed, I'm going to go ahead and make one. His explanation of the format:

I'll be using the comment section of this post as a repository of short, sometimes-half-baked posts that either:

  1. don't feel ready to be written up as a full post
  2. I think the process of writing them up might make them worse (i.e. longer than they need to be)

I ask people not to create top-level comments here, but feel free to reply to comments like you would a FB post.

Edit: For me at least, #2 also includes "writing them up as a full post would involve enough effort that the post would probably otherwise not get written."