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For those of us living in the middle of nowhere, any cool meetup groups we can finally participate in during our lockups?

by lisperati1 min read30th Mar 20202 comments


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Are there any rationality groups in Silicon Valley/Tokyo/Berlin/etc that have transitioned to online meetings? It might be fun for those of us who don't live in the "cool places" to be able to participate at this time. I'd love it if folks could share some links, if they exist!

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2 Answers

Being one of the people who organizes the Berlin meetup, it's great to be thought of as one of the cool places.

We haven't yet have a public meetup since the lockup started. It requires some creativity to think of a meetup format that works online and my priorities are at the moment elsewhere. I would be open to promote a meetup that someone else organizes through our channels.

Hi lisperati, good question! There's a Facebook group here for online effective altruism events, and a Discord server here which was primarily intended to help rationality meetup organizers coordinate their online meetings, but might be a good place to ask around about groups you can join. There have also been a few online megameetups already, which have been announced on LessWrong. I hope that helps!