In our last two announcements, we introduced the Practitioner's Path 2.0, our new framework for structured self improvement. The heart of the Path is the Skilltree, which is divided into three archetypes: Pragmatist, Meditative, and Empiricist.

Today, we'll go over the Meditative archetype and their associated Skills.

More than anything, the Meditative wants to live a good life. What counts as a 'good life' varies from one Meditative to the next. One Meditative might focus on their artistic skills, another might become a beloved community leader, and a third might strive for perfection in mind and body.

What unites Meditatives is the way they approach the world. Rather than seeking to exploit or codify the world in rigid data, the Meditative wants to experience it. They see the world through narratives, and they understand their place in it. They face their fears and live their passions.

In the Meditative tree, you'll find Skills focused on:

  • Mental and physical health
  • Artistic endeavors
  • Growing the garden of community
  • Understanding and using narratives

Some people might call the Meditatives aimless or excessively open-minded, but the Meditative knows that a relentless focus on one part of life leads to dissatisfaction and burnout. A Meditative's first priority is themself — not in a selfish, hedonistic sense, but in a setting-good-boundaries sense.

Introductory Skill Examples


The Archetypal Meditative

Morgan Vesper always loved drawing — and their parents always said art wasn't a proper career. That shadow whispered in Morgan's ear when they went to college, and again when they graduated into a job in a field they hated.

It took another three years for Morgan to realize that their life was on a dead-end course. Now, a decade later, Morgan is a max-level Meditative with a underground hit webcomic, Inkwitch.

During the day, Morgan works on their webcomic. Sometimes they look back and marvel at how much their art has improved since their early posts. Probably from the daily practice, though it never feels like work. Drawing is just too much fun.

In the evening, Morgan works out three times a week with an eclectic routine that varies every time. (It helps stave off boredom.) They also hold regular parties at their house. Most of Morgan's friends aren't anyone 'of note' — but they don't care. Status games have no place in their life.

The Practitioner's Path 2.0 launches March 4th. In the meantime, what do you think of the Meditative archetype? Does it resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. If you thought Morgan Vesper was a bit one-dimensional, don't worry. Real people usually have attributes from more than one tree, and we'll go over the Empiricist tree next week.

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Yup, I like it! Describes where I am pretty well.