ETA: Meetups are now every other Tuesday.

When: 7pm - 9pm, Wednesday, June 8th.

Where: The Westside Pavillion - on the bridge, which connects Nordstrom 3rd floor with Barnes & Noble / Landmark Theatres 3rd floor.

Parking is free for 3 hours.

Whether you're a regular reader or totally new, here for the theoretical musings or the practical things, come by and say hello! If enough people want to change the time or place for future meetups, we will - send me a message.

I will be the guy with the map.


See also: Irvine weekly meetups, SoCal google group.

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Hey, nickernst, please google my real name, get my email address from the contact information on the main page of my website, and send me a message so I can send you one too!

This sounds unnecessarily roundabout. Why not just send nickernst a PM?

Ah, I didn't notice the "Send message" button earlier, even though I was looking for just such a button. Irritation.

I'll be there today (2011 June 15). I'll bring some productivity notes I wrote and a proposal for an organization I'm creating. I'd like to see if any of you are interested. And I'd just like to meet whoever's interesting enough to show up to one of these meetings!

Can't come this week, but I'll try to come next week!

[-][anonymous]11y 0

I'm thinking of coming up from Oceanside (just south of the MC base) how long are you all normally there I'd hate to get up there after fighting traffic to miss the meet up entirely thinking I can sneak out of work about 30 min early max

I'll be there 6/8, but probably 15-30 minutes late.

Edit: Looks like I may not make it tonight

Rush hour traffic :) Worth it.

[edit] Pretty bad sore throat. Possibly contagious. Next week for me.