Posted By: Dan Keys, CFAR Survey Coordinator

The Center for Applied Rationality is trying to develop better methods for measuring and studying the benefits of rationality.  We want to be able to test if this rationality stuff actually works.

One way that the Less Wrong community can help us with this process is by taking part in online surveys, which we can use for a variety of purposes including:

  • seeing what rationality techniques people actually use in their day-to-day lives 
  • developing & testing measures of how rational people are, and seeing if potential rationality measures correlate with the other variables that you'd expect them to 
  • comparing people who attend a minicamp with others in the LW community, so that we can learn what value-added the minicamps provide beyond what you get elsewhere 
  • trying out some of the rationality techniques that we are trying to teach, so we can see how they work 

We have a couple of surveys ready to go now which cover some of these bullet points, and will be developing other surveys over the coming months.

If you're interested in taking part in online surveys for CFAR, please go here to fill out a brief form with your contact info; then we will contact you about participating in specific surveys.

If you have previously filled out a form like this one to participate in CFAR surveys, then we already have your information so you don't need to sign up again.

Questions/Issues can be posted in the comments here, PMed to me, or emailed to us at

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In case anyone wonders, this is a genuine CFAR undertaking, it will actually help us, etc.

Any time consumption estimates here?

It depends on the survey. One that we are currently running involves about an hour now and then another hour a year from now.

I (thought I) signed up for this several months back, but still haven't heard back. Is this normal or a sign that my application didn't take?

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