LessWrong pages are taking a long time to load. Today they are especially bad, to the point where if I make a comment the page times out before it is posted. Is this true for other people? Do those who run the site know the cause? Can it be fixed?


EDIT: Confirmed: It's not just me, it's probably everyone.

EDIT2: I also apologise for my appalling grammar in the title.

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For some reason, loading "http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/new/" also loads the entire text of all the articles on it (you can verify this by looking at the HTML source of the page), even though this text is not displayed. It seems to me, naively, that this would affect loading time by a significant factor. Is there a reason to do this, or is this a bug?

it's always run slow for me. not page timeouts slow, but still, very slow relative to everywhere else on the web.

A word of caution - I've had false positives from this - it saying LW is down when I could simultaneously use it with no problems.

I noticed a post I made earlier had to be re-tried, but I had thought that was something to do with posting using a mobile device on a cheapo network.

Yes, LW has been repeatedly timing out for me today.