There will be a Less Wrong meet-up this Sunday, October 11th, 2 pm, in Cambridge at the Central Square Starbucks Coffee at 655 Massachusetts Avenue (time and place are flexible if anyone has a conflict); please comment if you'd like to attend, or if you have any questions or ideas. Some confirmed attendees include SIAI folk and Less Wrongers Anna Salamon, Steve Rayhawk, Carl Shulman, and Roko Mijc. Also keep your eyes peeled for a probable appearance of expert reductionist Gary Drescher, and a rumored Scott Aaronson sighting.

Feel free to contact me at my first name DOT my last name AT or 646-525-5383.
Thanks, and see everyone there!

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Carl Shulman, Steve Rayhawk, Roko Mijic, Douglas Knight, jimrandomh, Robin Gane-McCalla, and I are now migrating from Starbucks to a nearby restaurant called Harvest. Good conversation. If you want to join us, and you want help finding us, feel free to call my cell: 619 213 2741.

The meetup has been good fun. Much conversing, coffee, and a restaurant meal.

Thought they nearly discovered my true identity....

I'd like to attend.

I'd be OK with the time, but I agree another locale (such as Carberries) may be better.

I could also do the week or two after, as long it was on Sunday.

May I suggest a different venue? That starbucks is fairly small, often crowded and there aren't that many tables. We might be able to reserve some space at Carberries which is similar and close by.

If Carberries is available at the same time that seems like a relatively easy change, can you do it and report back?

I can't make this, but I can make the following weekend. I'm moving to Massachusetts at least semi-permanently starting the 16th.

Same here. Can't make this weekend, the following is fine.

And a third who would prefer the following weekend.

I'll be there.