Finding LessWrongers on LinkedIn

by JoshuaFox1 min read13th May 20146 comments


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We've had a few initiatives recently to connect LessWrongers for business networking.

Here is another one: LW group at LinkedInThink of it not as a discussion group or online community, but as a "tag" on your LinkedIn profile, to help other LWers find you.

(I've turned off the discussion functionality on the LI group, since the Google Group or are better for that purpose.)

Join here: 

Another idea: Invite other LessWrongers to connect on LinkedIn, including not only those on the LW LI group, but any you know from the online community. It's a good way to get them in your Rolodex.* (You may have to dig up their email first. Then, add them at the LI menu Connections->Add Connections->Any Email->Add by individual Email.) 

For reference, here are recent posts on connecting between LWers:

  1. A Google Group for networking
  2. Updating your LW profile page  
  3. A survey, and reports about LessWrong as social catalyst.

I'm interested in seeing which of these initiatives actually helps people, so please let us know.

Is  the Rolodex dead enough that we can use that metaphor again?