I have an image of a diagram that I'd like to add hover-over or clickable hot spots that would pop up a window or take the reader to a footnote.  Is this possible with the native functionality of the LW Site?

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This is not natively supported. Conceivably an admin could embed an iframe for you in a post, if we felt it was safe to do so.

iframes sound like overkill; LW2 won't pass through the image map <map> HTML element? Then the existing popups should work with the links in it.

"Conceivably an admin could embed an iframe"


I've never had much luck "ordering off-menu".  Thanks for the response all the same.

LessWrong is not an average forum. Ruby is "Team Lead for LessWrong", so when she speaks about the possibility of implementing an iframe, it's not unrealistic that this actually happens.
I like the LW forum, I just wasn't sure what I was looking for was currently possible. "ordering off-menu" My point was asking a developer to make an unplanned addition to and existing system of code usually results in headaches all around.