Apparently there is no need to worry about the topic that must not be named anymore, for Google has taken care of everything. Behold the dawning of a new age!

Introducing CADIE

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With this bold and daring move, Google is coming ever-closer to complete self-sufficiency. Soon it will be able to replace traditional and obsolete human beings with updated software that can utilize Google's resources far better than humans could ever dream of doing.

By substituting computer programs for users of YouTube, Google will be able to drastically cut back on the wasteful 'services' it provides to outside consumers. The resulting cost savings will permit it to finally make a profit. Everyone wins!

Nice. We have a new alternative FAI theory - we expose the AI to enough Bebo and myspace pages that it becomes a super emo teenage girl and loves everyone... including (and especially) pandas!

Interesting that the word "singularity" is used fairly freely now

I don't think including it in the URL for an April Fools joke written by a geek who works for an AI company headquartered a few miles from SIAI quite qualifies as "used freely".

In this case it is used fairly freely in an April fool. Not the place you want it to be used if you want people to take "the institute that must not be named" seriously.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win." - Mohandas Gandhi

yeah, true. Still, it's probably better than nothing....

They like pandas - they must be Friendly!

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