This is the eighth and final section of the wedding ceremony of Ruby & Miranda. See the Sequence introduction for more info. 


Brienne:  We’ve spoken of the darkness, and of our hope to overcome it. We’ve spoken of the light that will come when we do, and of our commitment to become stronger. We’ve spoken of the community that acts together toward this goal, of the purpose of a new partnership within it, and of why those partners have chosen each other.

I now ask them to proclaim their bond, crystallizing their promises before us, beneath the stars.

Ruby and Miranda recite their vows in unison.

I vow to love you, always and forever. To make your joy my joy, your sorrow my sorrow. To keep your flourishing foremost among my concerns. To stand by you in vigor and frailty, in abundance and famine.  To accept you when you are strong and when you are weak, when you prevail and when you falter. To care for you, especially when you forget to care for yourself.

I vow to be proud of you, to respect you, and to always remind you how dear you are to me. To listen to you and to understand you; to give you my attention when you request it, and silence when you request that. To share my thoughts with you and to cultivate our closeness.

I vow to become worthy of your love and dedication. To never ask of you more than you are able, but also never less. To help you grow, so that you can help me, so that I can help you, ad infinitum. 

I vow always to be faithful to our values, visions, and goals. 

I vow to be your spouse, your companion, your closest friend. 

Brienne: You’ve chosen rings of meteorite as symbols of your dedication to fulfill your promises to each other, and to fulfill the promise of the night sky. Exchange these symbols now.

Miranda gives Ruby ring. (Kenzi gives it to her.)

Ruby gives Miranda ring. (Brayden gives it to him.)

Brienne: I would like all of you here to repeat after me.

"Ruben Michael Bloom and Miranda Irene Dixon-Luinenburg,"

(guests repeat)


"We now pronounce you husband and wife."


Brienne: You may embrace.



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