Meetup : Salt Lake City LW Meetup #2 Logistics

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Discussion article for the meetup : Salt Lake City LW Meetup #2 Logistics

WHEN: 04 February 2012 03:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: Downtown central Salt Lake City (near the library)

Update: see for info on the next Meetup

Note: this announcement is to gather information on your availability to schedule the best time possible for the 2nd meetup Less Wrong's second Salt Lake City meetup is tentatively scheduled for Saturday the 4th at 3:00 pm at a cafe or coffeehouse. I say tentative because I am asking those interested to vote on the matter, giving up to three preferences, in order, for the time. It would also be nice to indicate the days or times that you will definitely not be able to attend. Email your preferences to me at and/or leave them in the comments. Here are the options: A. Saturday at 3 pm B. Saturday at 7 pm C. Monday (6th) at 6 pm D. Thursday (2nd) at 6 pm E. Sunday at 3 pm (again) F. Other (please indicate) Feel free to suggest a place too; otherwise the venue will likely be near the SLC public library. The agenda includes a presentation by ksvanhorn on basic Bayesian probability theory, followed by discussion. There will also be a brief presentation of something on instrumental rationality, followed by discussion, and possibly the formation of a subgroup with its focus. Edit: There seems to be persistent interest in discussing Mormonism. If any LWer in Salt Lake City would like to prepare a brief presentation that could get us discussing it, let me know and I'll probably plan that for Meetup #3. The cutoff for emailing me your preferences is Jan 31.

Discussion article for the meetup : Salt Lake City LW Meetup #2 Logistics