Sunday November 15th, 12:00PM (PT) — talks by Abram Demski, Daniel Kokotajlo and (maybe) more!

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This Sunday at 12pm (PT), we're running another session of "lightning talks" by curated LessWrong authors (see here for previous weeks' transcripts). Again fully in Gather Town.

  • For the first hour, we will have a series of lightning talks each lasting about 5 minutes followed by discussion. The talks will be short and focus on presenting one core idea well, rather than rushing through a lot of content.
  • From 1PM to 2PM, we'll just be casually hanging out in Gather Town. If you are not interested in the talks, feel free to just show up for this part (or the other way around).
  • We want to give top LessWrong writers an interesting space to discuss their ideas, and have more fruitful collaboration between users. Think of it like a cross between an academic colloquium and some friends chatting by a whiteboard.

If you're a curated author and interested in giving a 5-min talk at a future event, which will then be transcribed and edited, sign up here.


  • Abram Demski: "Maybe something about a potential direction for raising the sanity waterline which I've been pondering"
  • Daniel Kokotajlo: Why we should build an AI Alignment Hub in Singapore


When? Sunday November 15, 12:00PM (PT)

Where? (this link will start working at the event start time. The event will be taking place in the Bacon hall.)

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The link is to itself and shows "closed"... 

Oops, yeah. Looks like I accidentally made it a relative link. And yeah, the link will only start working ~15 minutes before the event starts.