Best Textbook List Expansion

by magfrump1 min read8th Aug 20117 comments


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A while back, Lukeprog set up an article to list the best textbooks in every subject.  It currently contains a fairly large list of books in a variety of subjects.

I just got an e-mail from Amazon advertising "Up to 90% off textbooks" and I thought "This seems like a good opportunity to check out a bunch of cheap, good textbooks in subjects I want to learn about!"

When I went over to Luke's post, I discovered recommendations for philosophy, psychology, all sorts of math, but almost none in basic science.

I assume that someone here must have read one or a few basic textbooks on physics, biology, and chemistry.  If so, what were they?  How were they?  Would I be better off just trying to take a basic lecture course in the subject, or going through Khan Academy?