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LW Boston had a megameetup last week, and it went well. There were a few presentations and an exciting unconference. Here are some materials from the presentations.

Direct Detection of Classically Imperceptible Dark Matter through Quantum Decoherence
Jess Riedel

Julia Programming Language
Leah Hanson

Complexity Classes Intermediate between P and NP
Joshua Zelinsky

Additional practice exercises and further reading:

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Quick note- the practice exercises PDF fom my talk also has a list of further reading.

Also, my talk wasn't focused on the Quantum Computing end (although that would have probably been a neat talk I don't really know enough about that end). The correct title was "Complexity Classes Intermediate between P and NP". In fact, most of the interesting quantum classes don't fall into this category. The only one I think that does that's fairly natural is ZBQP, which is a very interesting class but wasn't something I talked about at all.

Edit Thanks for fixing that.