Meetup : NYC Rationality Megameetup and Unconference: April 5-6

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Discussion article for the meetup : NYC Rationality Megameetup and Unconference: April 5-6

WHEN: 05 April 2014 12:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Highgarden, 851 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11216


3:30pm Opening ceremony

4:00pm "Legal Concerns Surrounding Startups" by Dave Carlson

6:30pm Dinner ordering

7:00pm "Goal Factoring Workshop" by Ben Landau-Taylor

9:00pm Stupid questions live thread

10:00pm Uncake

10:30pm Open discussion


9:00am Breakfast served

10:00am Unconference

1:30pm Lunch break

2:30pm Startup idea discussion

5:00pm Closing ceremony

Attendees are encouraged to arrive early Saturday afternoon to have time to settle in.

"Legal Concerns Surrounding Startups" by Dave Carlson

Attorney David Carlson will discuss general legal issues that arise when forming a start-up, including: - Structuring the start-up. - Precautions when seeking VC funding. - Common traps for the unwary when dealing with legal documents.

The presentation will be very informal; the goal is to focus on whichever topics the audience is most interested in. The discussion may not be recorded.

Disclaimer (because of course there is a disclaimer):

The presentation will, necessarily, focus on general legal issues rather than on anyone's specific legal problems. Accordingly, the presentation will not constitute "legal advice" for specific situations, which depend on the evaluation of precise factual circumstances.

Goal Factoring Workshop by Ben Landau-Taylor

Do you ever find yourself saying, “Unfortunately, I have to… X?” Goal factoring teaches you to systematically break down everything obvious and non-obvious you’re accomplishing, and ask about ways you could achieve those factors separately and more effectively – a new perspective on everything from reading habits to email etiquette to outings with friends.

Stupid Rationality Questions

On Saturday night, we'll answer all your Stupid Rationality Questions! Ever have questions that you were too embarrassed to ask? Submit them now using the link below, and we'll discuss those in person.

Submit your stupid rationality questions anonymously:


On Sunday, we'll be holding an unconference, starting at 10:00 AM. This will be a highly participatory event, and participants are invited to give 15-minute talks on whatever they find interesting. Some topics people are preparing include:

• Running a kickstarter

• Talent coefficients and the growth mindset

• Current landscape of the Effective Altruism community


Facebook event:

Please donate! Donations will be used to fund this event and future events at Highgarden: 1FtWbh8GyAcDewSy32geCBgsFoHEN7UoZ

If you think you might come, please leave a comment and a confidence estimate. For example, if you would bring two guests and are 75% certain you will come, your comment might contain "me +2, 75%." If you'd like to help out, or if you need crash space, please send me a PM.

Discussion article for the meetup : NYC Rationality Megameetup and Unconference: April 5-6

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