Discussion article for the meetup : London Social Meetup (and AskMeAnything about the CFAR workshop)

WHEN: 27 October 2013 02:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Shakespears's Head, Africa House, 64-68 Kingsway, London WC2B 6BG, UK

LessWrong London are having another awesome meetup and we would love for you to come! This one will mostly be a social chat but I have just returned from a very interesting week in San Francisco where I went to a CFAR workshop (rationalist training camp) and stayed at Leverage Research (a load of people living together and trying to improve the world). Because of that I thought people might want to know all the exciting things they have told me. The plan is to meet at The Shakespeare Inn, 200m from Holborn Underground at 2pm on Sunday 27th . We will officially finish at 4pm but honestly people tend to enjoy it so much they want to stay much longer, and regularly do. We will have a sign with the LessWrong logo on it so you can find us easily. If you have any questions, or are thinking of coming, feel free to email me (james) at kerspoon+lw@gmail.com. Otherwise, just turn up! Hope to see you there, James P.S err on the side of turning-up, we're friendly, and it's fun :)

Discussion article for the meetup : London Social Meetup (and AskMeAnything about the CFAR workshop)

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Arrow on map not pointing to Holborn, suggest checking.

I've fixed it, the arrow is almost right now. Thanks for checking.

Confirmed, for some reason that map is pointing at another Shakespeare's Head. This one is at: http://goo.gl/maps/CptJw

Also, I just noticed that the time zone is set to GMT-7.

Thanks Phil.

I've really confused it (or myself) with timezones now - I created this from California and tried to edit it here. Let's hope that last changed fixed it. Let me know if it still says the wrong thing.

For extra confusion, I've just remembered that it should be in +0000, thanks to the time zone change that just happened.


That was pretty good fun.

What I was expecting: Half a dozen nerds boozing it up and shooting the breeze about math and poltiics and self improvement.

What actually happend: More like a classroom full of people, many less nerdy than me, mostly drinking water and eating icecream (apparently I was the only one drinking that awesome Devon 6% cider), chatting about widely variing topics including math and politics and polyphasic sleep and self improvement and fan-fiction and cults and meta self-organizing stuff.

Apparently this was a bigger turnout than usual, but not by the margin I would have assumed from only reading lesswrong etc. I suspect that if the aim is to grow the membership, encouraging everyone who goes to write about it here would be helpful.

Overall good fun, will go again if scheduling allows (which is twice as likely if there's twice as many meets of course)

Adam.. (Now also know as Pie, thanks to poor handwriting skills)