London meetup, Sunday 2011-03-06 14:00, near Holborn (reminder)

by Paul Crowley1 min read26th Feb 20117 comments


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Reminder: we're meeting up in London next weekend. Sunday 6th March, at 2pm, in the Shakespeares Head (official page) on Kingsway near Holborn Tube station.  We'll have a big picture of a paperclip on the table so you can find us; I look like this.  Hope to see lots of you there!

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I've been lurking for a month or two on LessWrong, going through the Sequences in order (about halfway through the QM one now, going slow as I have very limited maths) and came along to this meet: just wanted to say I found it very interesting. I was the David who talked a lot despite knowing nothing at all about AI, singularity, cryonics etc...

We had around a dozen people there, I guess, and some really enjoyable discussion with some good leads for more reading etc.

Just wanted to say thanks to the organisers and to everyone else for the discussion and for being very helpful and welcoming to someone who's very new to a lot of the concepts (and capabilities) that are taken for granted in this comunity.

It was great to meet you, thanks for coming! Yes, very successful meetup I thought, really enjoyed myself. Think we had about nine people. We were joined at the start by Mark Gimein, writing for Fast Company, so I look forward to seeing what comes of that.

I'll be there (possibly late, depends if I decide I to go swimming first). This is just a note to emphasise that it's The Shakespeare's Head near Holborn. I've twice ended up in a different pub from someone I intended to meet by agreeing to meet "at the Shakespeare's Head" in the past two years - wouldn't want anyone to make that mistake on Sunday.

I'll be there!

I'll be there.


So much for the homework idea ;-)

Any rough guess on numbers? How many attended last time?

up to about 15-20 last time... we had four tables together and each had about 3-5 people on each at one point.