Changing main content font to Valkyrie?

by habryka 1 min read24th Aug 201810 comments


(Probably not interesting to 90% of people, but would love to get input from our local typography nerds)

We've been using Warnock Pro as our default font for body-text and content-related elements for a while, and I've been quite happy with it on my Mac, but on Linux on Windows machines the font renders as a bit spindly and thin, and can be hard to read at some smaller font-sizes.

Given that we've been refactoring a bunch of our Typography anyways, it seems like the best time to maybe switch to a new font. In most typography-matters I tend to defer to Butterick's Practical Typography who has a good set of recommendations for fonts similar to Warnock, and my favorite one I've found so far is Butterick's one creation Valkyrie. So changing to that seems like a thing we might do in the next few weeks.

Stylistically, my favorite font continues to be ETBook, but that one sadly has a variety of rendering issues that make it impossible to use on Lesswrong. Valkyrie is about as good as Warnock in that respect, but renders much better on Windows and Linux machines in that respect, but I would love to hear recommendations for other fonts if people have any good ones (commercial fonts are fine, as long as they don't come with weird "amount of user" limits).