New Year's Predictions Thread

We will end the decade with some mobile energy storage system with an energy density close to or better than fat metabolism.

ETA: I mean in the context of electronics.

1Pfft10yFrom looking at the diagram, aren't we starting the decade with such a system (gasoline)?
0timtyler10yThe graph you link to says magnesium and diesel already have greater energy density than fat. So, I think you have to specify how portable, how common or cheap, and maybe whether you are talking about rechargable or not - or the prediction is probably going to be vague - and subject to the criticism that it has already happened.

New Year's Predictions Thread

by MichaelVassar 1 min read30th Dec 2009449 comments


I would like to propose this as a thread for people to write in their predictions for the next year and the next decade, when practical with probabilities attached. I'll probably make some in the comments.