There is information out there that could completely change your life but there is no way of knowing what that information is.

Today, I stumbled upon this post and from the top comment there stumbled upon e-prime. There is no way I could stumble upon it without just having insane luck. There is plenty of other information that I would also have to depend on luck to find. I really don't like that.

My vague idea of a solution would be a recommendation network that optimizes for articles with highest life-changingness rather than when it was posted or something like that. (I wrote poorly about this idea here).

I am interested in other people's thoughts on how to solve the issue of finding the truly best information out there.

Note: for those that are also knowledge addicts and want to process vast amounts of knowledge, I think passive reading alone is useless and doesn't lead to sufficient knowledge gain for true expertise. I think many here would find incremental reading as a means of processing vast information, useful.

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