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What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

Earmuffs have helped me a lot for productive time. The silence lets me focus more on what I'm trying to work on. Compared to my noice cancelling headphones (qc 35 II) I can't play music even if I want to to so less likelihood of distraction. On occasion though, if they aren't enough by themselves I'll put earbuds inside the earmuffs with low wind noise. I can hear pretty much nothing external after that.

They also help me sleep on planes since they block out a fair portion of the noise.

This is the one I use: https://www.amazon.in/3M-Peltor-X5A-Over-Earmuffs/dp/B00CPCHBCQ

It looks ridiculous when you wear it. Really ridiculous, I won't lie.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

Eyemasks and earplugs have helped a lot for sleep. I'm not sure how to quantify the benefit but I haven't slept without them (for nightsleep) in at least a year from what I can recall.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

Have you tried barefoot running? I haven't tried running with shoes on all that much so I don't have much to compare to but I find barefoot running really fun and anecdotally it seems my knees act up a bit less with it. I was partially inspired to try it originally by:


What are the best ways of absorbing, and maintaining, knowledge?

This post is quite old but I'm curious if you ever investigated incremental reading further. I'm an IR user and I don't think there is any more effective way of managing large volumes of learning. If you have questions about it I can answer them.