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I'm not sure if you know this but you replied to @Luke Stebbing about his RSI with your story like 2-3 years ago on the EA discover server - I read your story and it cured my RSI! Thank you so much!

We're not currently far enough in for us to be able to manage other people contributing directly but if that changes I'll let you know

I'm looking for people to pair program with with me and my friend on a SuperMemo clone (software that Anki is based on). It has a feature called incremental reading that we'd like to create a modern implementation of. 

Neither of us have a ton of programming experience; we're making ok progress but would do much better with pairing with someone more experienced than us. 

I can pay around 30$/hr but can't do much better than that unfortunately. 

How long should I wait from cold inception to travel (back home)? I have 2 things I'm optimizing for:

a. apparently traveling with sinus issues on a plane is exceptionally painful

b. I don't want to infect other people

I don't have a good model of how quick I should expect to recover/when I'm reasonably non-infectious.

Does anyone have an actual example of applying Bayes theorem in real life? Never bothered learning it because its actual application has never been clear to me

Are there any modern competitors to metamed? Have a health issue, very willing to spend money to fix it. 

For those wondering if they should come and if anyone is going to show up: there are way more people RSVP'd on the facebook event

This event was originally listed as being on Feb 12th. It is not on Feb 12th! It's on the 19th! Please don't come on the 12th, no one will be there. 

There are a fair few:

-I want to make software to enable me to use more of Ray Dalio's Principles

-I want to organize a rat dojo in SF

-possibly try to do EA outreach in SF

-want to get better at programming and do something around a SuperMemo clone though I'm not sure what exactly yet

-I want to figure out what the highest impact things I want to work on are (this should probably be highest priority)

What are good fictions for an inaction bias? When I have an idea or thing I want to work on, I tend to think too much about outcomes and even if it does seem like there's a decent chance of success, I don't even try because I then know how daunting the thing will be.

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