A small rationalist win, and a question about promulgation

by NancyLebovitz 1 min read27th Mar 20149 comments


I'm on a mailing list for people who run science fiction conventions*, and an author had said that he prefers going to Dragoncon because it's a better place to promote his books.

This has some angstful possibilities because Dragoncon is much larger than the sort of conventions the people on the mailing list run, and structured somewhat differently.

I suggested doing a survey of sf authors about how they promote their books at conventions, why they've made the choices they do, and how it's been working out. Other people are working on the questionnaire, and it's planned to be out within six months or so.

The rationality part is that it occurred to me that we needed more information before we did a big discussion about what's happening with authors at amateur-run conventions, and that it was possible to get a fair amount of that information.

I'm considering posting something about how I learned those mental habits, but I'm not sure how I did, though I believe it has something to do with hanging around Less Wrong. Any recommendations for Practical Rationality 101?

*I don't run conventions, I just kibitz.