Meetup : First Sydney 2012 meetup.

by Oklord 1 min read3rd Jan 201215 comments


Discussion article for the meetup : First Sydney 2012 meetup.

WHEN: 18 January 2012 06:00:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: 22 The Promenade,, Sydney NSW 2000 (James Squire Brewhouse)

[All advice for improving location/time would be appreciated, especially location, which has not worked out amazingly well before] Hello Less Wrongers of Sydney! Assuming the local interest has not died down, seems only right that we should try and set up another meet-up.

Given my (fairly well supported, I imagine) belief that peer pressure is one of the best methods to change behavior, I figure that the lowest hanging fruit we could discuss is trying to control Akrasia. I'm prepared to bring a structured plan and research (if there is interest) in order to achieve the following:

  1. Review standing literature on causation.

  2. Discuss current Akrasia control methods used by attendants, less wrong, life hacker, reddit extc. (all of which, of course, are noted for their effect AGAINST Akrasia control. Sudden thought - is there procrastination negative search engine?)

  3. Try and assign tasks to willing participants, in order to test methods and combinations thereof. I've a mind that if this goes well we could contribute as a group to the less wrong community some good old fashioned data. Plus, it's always good to measure interest in a more regular meet-up!

Discussion article for the meetup : First Sydney 2012 meetup.