Effective Altruism Summit is One Month Away

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This is a followup to Ben's post announcing the 2014 EA Summit.

The Effective Altruism Summit is now exactly one month away.

This year, 175 EAs will gather in Berkeley, CA for a two-day conference -- the largest gathering of people in the EA movement to date.

We still have spots left, and we are especially interested in having people who are new to the movement and aren't yet working on something related to EA full-time. The event is a great place to meet everyone who is serious about EA, learn a whole lot about the different projects people are working on, build friendships, and start collaborations.

There will be people there from:
  • The Center for Applied Rationality
  • GiveWell
  • GiveDirectly
  • The Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  • The Future of Humanity Institute
  • The Life You Can Save
  • 80,000 Hours
  • Giving What We Can
  • Leverage Research
-- and others.

The event costs $600, but we can offer discounted tickets to people who can't pay full price. If you are interested in coming but money is a barrier, please don't be shy -- let us know through the form on the website and we will do everything we can to get you a spot. If you can pay full price, you'll be helping to cover other EAs. None of the organizations involved will profit from the event.

You can get more info and register to attend by filling out the form on the summit website.

The Retreat, mentioned in Ben's previous post, is full. If you note interest in the retreat on your Summit registration, we'll let you know if any space opens up last-minute.

Questions? Email effectivealtruismsummit@gmail.com for fastest response, or post in this thread for public response.


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I'm not knowledgeable about summits / conferences. Is $600 a little or a lot? It sounds like a lot to me when I convert it into other ways to spend the money, but maybe this is normal for these things...

$600 is not a lot at all. Most business and non-profit summits easily pass the $2K range, and that's without throwing in deliberate ostentatious signaling.

You can get more info and register to attend by filling out the form on the summit website.

The link to the summit website is dead. Here's the working link.

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