What's your hypothetical apostasy?

by[deleted]6y16th Feb 201310 comments


By learning to overcome the Nirvana fallacy, I have managed to find my hypothetical apostasy: I want to cure aging!

I think that awesome stuff will happen in the far future and I plan on getting there, so I'll do my best to make sure that I stay alive as long as I can. (Also, my primitive survival instincts make me want to become immortal.) Unfortunately, due to my evolutionary baggage, my own genes are going to kill me in a few decades.

What's your hypothetical apostasy and how do you plan to put it in practice?


Edit #1: If you're downvoting this article, I'd like to know why you're doing that. Send me a message or reply here.

Edit #2: I totally misunderstood what the hypothetical apostasy means. I was under the impression that it meant defending a view that most people deem too weird to contemplate. See Lark's explanation. I guess you should downvote this article!