I don't remember the post's title for a quote, but I believe that in Yudkowsky's value theory sequence, he wrote that [most] humans value both subjective experience, and the correspondence of that subjective experience to an external reality.

If you had to choose only one (or none) to lock-in for eternity, which would you choose?

  1. Subjective experience/qualia; either (a) the most positive-valenced qualia there is to experience, or (b) a variety of different qualia.
  2. Everything else. Life would cease to experience qualia, but apart from the that the world would become as you believe would be most valuable.
  3. Nothingness. Life disappears from the universe, and never returns.
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I wonder under what conditions people would choose Nothingness?

Non-existence is the goal of both Buddhists and antinatalists.