This Saturday (i.e., the 24th, that is, tomorrow) is the peak of the Floating Festival.

Michael Vassar says:  "I'm going to be speaking tomorrow (= Saturday July 24th) at 4PM at Bay Area Mensa, in Mountain View, on the scientific method, the history of science, and how to think rationally about most scientific controversies including the Singularity.  Less Wrongers are invited to attend.  Interested people should email David Verdirame."

The Open Science Summit is July 29-31, in Berkeley.

And as ever, the Singularity Summit approaches on August 14-15 in San Francisco.  Now featuring James Randi, Irene Pepperberg, and John Tooby.

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Wish I could be there, especially since James Randi will be speaking. I wasn't aware that he was at all involved with Singularity culture; is it just due to the big overlap with the general skeptical movement, or has he spoken specifically on that topic before?

(Googling it only gives me links back to this Singularity Summit).

A little later on: Personal life extension conference Oct 9-10