Announcing the Alignment Newsletter

by rohinmshah1 min read9th Apr 20183 comments


Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI)AI

I've been writing weekly emails for the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) summarizing the content from the last week that's relevant to AI alignment. These have been useful enough that I'm now making them public! You can:

  • Sign up here
  • Read the first newsletter here
  • Bookmark the archive
  • ETA: Read the 5 emails I sent to CHAI (also on the archive)
  • ETA: There's also RSS!
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Since people seem to be finding it useful, I just updated the archive with public versions of the 5 emails I wrote for CHAI summarizing ~2 months of content.

Huh, this makes me much more excited for the email - having your brief personal reviews of whether it's useful to read and why is great!

Signed up! Thanks.