Just realized I hadn't seen a post about this, and couldn't find mention of it by searching...

The H+ Summit is happening this Saturday and Sunday at Harvard.  I assume there are quite a few Humanity+ fellow-travelers here who might be going (though it's kindof late notice if this is the first time you've heard of it).

I'm interested in a Lw meet-up or anything of the sort on Saturday evening (June 12).  Who's in?


EDIT (6/12): Meeting at h+ afterparty instead.  It will be 6 to 8 at Sprout.  http://diybio.org/hplusbeer/

I'll be the one named Thom Blake.

 EDIT (6/11): Location: Grendel's Den  Time: About 6ish.  We might move if it's not suitable - apparently it may be overrun by sports fans.

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I'd like to meet some LW people. Couple suggestions in/around Harvard Sq: http://www.cambridgecommonrestaurant.com/ http://www.grendelsden.com/ http://www.johnharvards.com

I'm also going, and would also like to meet other LW-ers. Let's wander towards Grendel's Den around 6.

If a couple people reply to this, I'll come up with more explicit logistics, but I can't plan at 1am.

Sounds good. Adding to the post.

I'll be going and I'll be selling the Summit in the lobby. Stop by and say hi.

new info: a bar will probably suck. can meet up at h+ afterparty instead. details follow.

a bar will probably suck.

Yes, unless you're a big soccer or basketball fan.

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