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GreaterWrong.com has been adding some more features and UI enhancements:

GreaterWrong now has an inbox feature, which notifies you of replies to your comments. When you have new notifications, a red envelope will appear next to your username in the navigation bar. Click it to go to your Inbox. (Alternatively, click your name to go to your user page, then click the Inbox tab.)

You can now use the keyboard to navigate lists of posts (e.g., the front page). Hit . (period) to select the next post in the list, or , (comma) to select the previous post; then hit Enter to go to the selected post.)

You can now select the date and time from which new comments are highlighted (this works the same way as the analogous feature on Slate Star Codex).

Note that on narrow screens, this “highlight-new-comments-since” date-time field isn’t shown by default; click the new comments count to show it:

Click the “three dots” icon in the post info line to open special linking options:

You can now view lists of comments (e.g., the Recent Comments) page in a compact view that fits many more comments. Use the buttons pictured below to switch between expanded view (the default) and compact view. (When in compact view, you can hover over the ellipsis (“…”) icon on the right-hand-side of the comment to reveal the full comment.)

The view selection buttons:

Compact view:

Hover over a comment’s “…” icon to expand it:

A number of new accesskeys have been added.

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Terrific work!