GreaterWrong—new theme and many enhancements

by Said Achmiz 1 min read1st Oct 201821 comments


(Previous posts: [1], [2], [3], [4]) has just added several new features and UI enhancements:

Modern Less Wrong theme

There is now a new theme (bringing the total to nine themes to choose from), called “Less”. (This theme is inspired by the design of the new, i.e. current, Less Wrong site.)

Here’s how it looks on a desktop:

[Screenshot of “Less” theme on a desktop]

And on a phone:

Screenshot of “Less” theme on a smartphone

(See the About page for how to switch themes.)

Mobile theme tweaker

The theme tweaker feature (which lets you do things like invert colors—instantly creating a “dark mode” version of any theme—as well as adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue) is now available on mobile devices.

Open the theme selector (gear button in the lower-left of the screen), and then tap this button:

Button that opens the theme tweaker

And you’ll see the theme tweaker screen:

Theme tweaker UI on a smartphone

(See the About page for more on the theme tweaker.)

Strong vote display

Strong upvotes and downvotes now display properly on GreaterWrong, in all themes.

Strong vote styling in the various themes

(Themes, starting from top left and going across by row: default, grey, ultramodern, zero, brutalist, rts, classic, less.)

Alignment Forum view

Click the “AF” icon next to any Alignment Forum post, and you’ll be taken to a listing of all the Alignment Forum posts.

Alignment Forum post icon