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GreaterWrong.com has recently added a number of new features and UI enhancements, especially to the mobile version of the site:

Private messaging

You can now send and receive private messages.

To send a PM, click on a user’s name, then click “Send private message” (at the top-right):

You can view PMs that you received, send replies, and view the entire back-and-forth conversation, by going to your user page, and clicking on “Conversations”:

Received PMs also show up in your Inbox. (Any new items in your inbox make the envelope icon next to your name in the nav bar turn red.)

Sort user’s posts/comments by karma rating

You can now view a user’s top-rated posts/comments, by going to their user page and switching the sort order to “Top”:

Individual comment threads

You can now browse an individual comment thread on a separate page. The “anchor” icon at the top of a comment is the permalink to that comment thread’s page:

Classic Less Wrong theme

There is now a new theme (bringing the total to eight themes to choose from): “Classic Less Wrong”. This theme replicates, as much as possible, the styling of the old Less Wrong website (a.k.a. “Less Wrong 1.0”).

Mobile theme selection

Users on mobile devices can now switch between the available themes, just like users on desktops.

New editing UI for smartphones

For smartphone users, a new and greatly improved post/comment editor UI is live.

Faster loading speed

Changes to the server code have brought substantial speed improvements, making pages load much faster.

Minor enhancements

There are many minor UI enhancements, including:

  • comment-collapse buttons on every comment thread
  • upvote/downvote buttons at the bottoms of comments (as well as at the top)

… and other minor fixes and improvements.

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Awesome, I continue to be impressed and thankful for all of your work on this!

Thank you! :)

Thanks for the great work!

I'm getting a lot of server errors when commenting and editing, is that a known problem? For example, I tried to post this comment from GW, got "LW2 server reports: not allowed", and posted from LW instead.

This should be fixed now—LW login tokens expire after 3 months, but GW was oblivious to this and kept trying to use expired tokens. Now it will require you to log in again if your token is too old. (It appears to be impossible to renew the tokens without entering your password again.)

Thank you! It works for me now.

This is being worked on—I’ll post another comment when it’s fixed!