The votes are in, and of the eligible 376 voters, 102 voted to Migrate and 15 voted to archive. With 87% in favor, we’re going ahead with the transition, which will begin tomorrow (3/22) at 6pm Pacific time. Trike will take a snapshot of the database, transfer it to us, and we’ll begin the database import of new material since the last import. At 7pm, the DNS server will point to our server instead of Trike’s, and so people visiting will see the new site. The import will run in parallel with the site operating, so there won’t be any downtime of the new site.


Some things to note:

  1. Old links will continue to work, redirecting to the right new URL. We’ll be watching the analytics to notice any failures, and you can also alert us through Intercom (which we’ll shut off a few days into the transition, as problems get fixed).
  2. Lesserwrong links will redirect to the same page at lesswrong.
  3. We’ll add old karma scores to new karma scores, and may adjust the vote weight algorithm accordingly.
  4. Please report issues here.


Also, for those of you near Berkeley, we’ll be throwing a launch party on April 7th at 7pm (LW, Facebook).

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