The 9 Circles of Scientific Hell

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Neuroskeptic is my favorite blog on neuroscience. Don't be deceived by the 'skeptic' in the name, the coverage is well balanced and overall quite positive. He recently interrupted his regular scheduling with a light piece on the circles of scientific hell. Definitely worth a look. I'm not too sure about the order of the various sins. I'd be tempted to put "p-value fishing" way down the list!

An excerpt:

Second Circle: Overselling
"This circle is reserved for those who exaggerated the importantance of their work in order to get grants or write better papers. Sinners are trapped in a huge pit, neck-deep in horrible sludge. Each sinner is provided with the single rung of a ladder, labelled 'The Way Out - Scientists Crack Problem of Second Circle of Hell"

Makes me want to want to break out into a chorus of "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime"!

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Lots of professors who avoid the Overselling circle end up in the Denied Tenure one.

Ironic punishment is seriously underrated.

The punishments are thematically linked to the crimes, but I don't feel like there's a real progression of severity. The third circle sounds worse than the fourth, fifth or eighth, and the seventh sounds worse than any of the others.

First link is lacking a colon.