Financial Effectiveness Repository

These threads are too dangerous. Nerds trend towards highly aspergeroid thought. There needs to be a moderator who is competent overviewing this. Sorry, people who have not taken personal risk 'in the field' cannot be having these discussions. Online discussions obscure the effectiveness of their authors.

It's difficult to coordinate moderators on these threads but there may be other means.

Do you think it would help if there were a rule that comments should be down-voted (in these kind of threads) if they are not backed by hard evidence (i.e. solid advice by experts). A requirement that is not unusual around here anyway.

Actually I requested evidence in the OP and will right now go throu my votes and check.for this condition.

1Metus5yI'm not sure I understand. Can't I give advice on how not to waste money because I am not a 50 year old war veteran who has traveled through three continents? Since not wasting money is the most effective thing the average person can do to change the difference between income and spending in the better direction.
1Lumifer5yYeah, keep sharp and pointy ideas away from aspies. Can't allow them to play unsupervised, y'know...

Financial Effectiveness Repository

by Gunnar_Zarncke 1 min read18th Nov 201462 comments


Follow-Up to: A Guide to Rational Investing Financial Planning Sequence (defunct) The Rational Investor 

What are your recommendations and ideas about financial effectiveness? 

This post is created in response to a comment on this Altruistic Effectiveness post and thus may have a slight focus on EA. But it is nonetheless meant as a general request for financial effectiveness information (effectiveness as in return on invested time mostly). I think this could accumulate a lot of advice and become part of the Repository Repository (which surprisingly has not much advice of this kind yet).

I seed this with a few posts about this found on LessWrong in the comments. What other posts and links about financial effectiveness do you know of? 



  • Each comment should name a single recommendation.
  • You should give the effectiveness in percent per period or absolute if possible.
  • Advice should be backed by evidence as usual. 

General Advice (from Guide to Rational Investing):

Capital markets have created enormous amounts of wealth for the world and reward disciplined, long-term investors for their contribution to the productive capacity of the economy. Most individuals would do well to invest most of their wealth in the capital market assets, particularly equities. Most investors, however, consistently make poor investment decisions as a result of a poor theoretical understanding of financial markets as well as cognitive and emotional biases, leading to inferior investment returns and inefficient allocation of capital. Using an empirically rigorous approach, a rational investor may reasonably expect to exploit inefficiencies in the market and earn excess returns in so doing.

So what are your recommendations? You may give advanced as well as simple advice. The more the better for this to become a real repository. You may also repeat or link advice given elsewere on LessWrong.