A few weeks ago, Adele_L suggested that the repositories were underutilized and looked for suggestions on how to improve that. In that spirit, I added the following links to the Special Threads wiki page.

Solved Problems Repository - A collection of "solved problems in instrumental rationality."
Useful Concepts Repository - A collection of concepts that Less Wrong users have "found particularly useful for understanding the world."
Boring Advice Repository - A collection of advice that is optimized for helpfulness rather than depth of insight.
Useful Questions Repository - Questions that are useful to keep in mind in various situations.
Bad Concepts Repository - A collection of useless or harmful concepts
Grad Student Advice Repository - A collection of advice for graduate students.
Textbook Repository - The Best Textbooks on Every Subject
Reference repository - List of references and resources for LessWrong
Procedural Knowledge Gaps - How to do things that are "common sense" but that you may not know.
Mistakes Repository - A list of life-course altering mistakes that LW members have made.
Good things to have learned - A collection of skills and life lessons LWers have learned
Financial Effectiveness Repository - Tips for maximizing financial returns on (not necessarily market) investments.

In a similar vein, there is also a wiki page for the LessWrong Communities How-To's and Recommendations.

If there are other repositories that I've missed or a better way to collect these things, please link to it in a top level comment so that I get a direct message. A year and a half after this was originally posted, I still get suggestions and still add them or explain why I don't add them.

Edit: Added a few more to the list.

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You forgot to list the repository repository.

I eagerly await the next level of meta.

We will cast everything to void. Alternately, I can put a link to this discussion in the repository list and just head it off there.

To re-posit or enumerate a repository.

Some older LW threads could be retroactively regarded as repositories, e.g. Best Textbooks.

Also, the mother of all repositories, the References & Resources for LessWrong.

I would be nice to have a link to it on the main page. Or is it already there?

The special threads page is linked to from the wiki main page.

I feel this isn't direct enough, because I'm rarely in the wiki nowadays.

I figured it was only a matter of time until it came to this.

Thanks for putting these on the wiki!

Thank you for suggesting it. Seriously, I'm new enough that I want to contribute something, but haven't yet come up with any original enough ideas to contribute otherwise, so it was nice to have a way to do something for the community.

Yeah, I feel kind of in the same boat right now. I'm not sure what the best way to deliberately work on coming up with more quality contributions, it might be interesting to try to brainstorm on this.

"Possible Repositories Repository"?

I see the joke, but I was thinking of ways to contribute more generally.

Who was joking? I think that's a great idea for a repository!


Gunnar_Zarncke recently started a LessWrong Financial Effectiveness Repository. Perhaps someone could add it to the wiki/this post?

Done, although I have some reservations about the quality of that thread. I don't think it's awful and maybe people following the link will make it better.

I'm hesitant to include this in the list above because only two of the comments actually followed the format outlined in the post. The rest were criticisms of the concept mixed with a few criticisms of one of the rebuttals you posted in the main article. It's a neat idea - kind of like the solved problem repository but applies to philosophies.

Perhaps you should integrate this wiki page? Similar concept.

The concepts are similar, but I don't want to water down the idea of repositories with things like the entertainment recommendation thread so I just added a link to that wiki page since it's sort of like the repo repo itself.

It would be great to have a repository of task-time estimates, as well as "time until habitual." Setting estimates of how long one needs to practice before a "maintenance event horizon" occurs could aide in my motivation, at least.

You forgot this one

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