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Has anyone tried to work with neural networks predicting the weights of other neural networks? I'm thinking about that in the context of something like subsystem alignment, e.g. in an RL setting where an agent first learns about the environment, and then creates the subagent (by outputting the weights or some embedding of its policy) who actually obtains some reward

Looking for research idea feedback:

Learning to manipulate: consider a system with a large population of agents working on a certain goal, either learned or rule-based, but at this point - fixed. This could be an environment of ants using pheromones to collect food and bring it home.

Now add another agent (or some number of them) which learns in this environment, and tries to get other agents to instead fulfil a different goal. It could be ants redirecting others to a different "home", hijacking their work.

Does this sound interesting? If it works, would it potentially be publishable as a research paper? (or at least a post on LW) Any other feedback is welcome!

This sounds interesting to me.